Meet Our Dentists

Diamond Creek Dental staff are highly experienced, with all senior staff having worked here for nearly ten years each - a rare feat in dental clinics. Newer staff members quickly appreciate and embrace this unique friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Raymond Khong B.D.Sc. - “The Singing Dentist”

Dr. Raymond Khong B.D.Sc.

Dr. Michelle Mun

Dr. Michelle Mun

Dr. Anna Nguyen

Dr. Anna Nguyen

Dr. Raymond Khong B.D.Sc. - “The Singing Dentist”

Raymond graduated in 1994 from the University of Melbourne and has worked in his current clinic since then, first as an employed dentist to owning the clinic now. Driven by the dedicated staff members, Diamond Creek Dental grew from a small part-time practice to the well-respected busy full-time practice here today. He is assisted by two highly skilled dentists also with a passion for excellence in the dental field, Dr Michelle Mun & Dr. Anna Nguyen.

Raymond has four children from ages three to ten. He loves treating children in his clinic and they seem to be quite comfortable with his approach. It is always a joy to see these children from year to year and watching them develop.

Music & singing

Raymond’s passion outside of dentistry is music-or more precisely, singing. Raymond is trained operatic tenor and has sung with the Australian Opera, the Victoria State Opera and various local opera companies. In 2003 he was nominated for a Green Room Award for Best Singer in a Principal Role for his stirring performance in Chamber Made Opera’s worldwide premiere of The Possessed, an original Australian opera. (Review in The Age). Though trained in opera, Raymond is known for his talent as a “crossover artist”, singing in variety of styles from opera to musicals to modern ballads. These days he is in demand on the concert and cabaret circuits, after establishing a name for himself over the last nine years in touring shows. He has written a few shows himself which enjoyed successful runs.

Raymond has released two CDs to date and is gearing up for his third. In 2004 “Voices for Hope” was released (now sold out and only available on special order) and then in 2009 “Voyage”, both on the MOVE label.

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Charity Work

Raymond has always wanted to give back something to the less fortunate communities and in 2011 he joined a team of dental professionals to Peru to treat the local children in the very remote township of Pampachiri, high in the Andes. These children had never seen a dentist before and the experience was certainly unique and eye opening. Aside from the dentistry, the team is also instrumental in establishing a community kitchen for the village women.

In 2012 Raymond went solo to Cambodia on a similar mission, joining up with an international team when he arrived there. The work consisted of acute care of orphans and also oral health education for preventative care.

In 2013 Raymond returned to Pampachiri in Peru but this time as Team Leader. The team of ten dentists that he co-ordinated saw just under 1,000 patients in just one week! The tricky part of this was the language barrier, with Raymond having to learn basic Spanish and Quechua (Inca dialect).

University Consultant

Dr Raymond is one of a handful of clinical consultants invited to consult in The University of Melbourne’s private clinic programme. In 2012 the University of Melbourne built a new clinic named Melbourne Dental Clinic, designed for the purpose of giving dental students experience of working with private paying patients, instead of public non-paying patients they already saw in the Royal Dental Hospital. The professor in charge invited Dr Raymond to be one of only a handful of private dentists to consult and advise final year students. He was very happy to take on this role as he has always felt a strong need for the proper education and training to upcoming future dentists.

Dr. Michelle Mun

Michelle completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science before being lured by the siren song of dentistry. She obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Melbourne, on the Dean's Honours List. She still kept her love for scientific research, and was awarded funding to present a paper on oral Candida at conferences in Australia and the United States, reflecting her passion for keeping up with the forefront of dental practice.
Michelle is known for her friendly enthusiasm and ability to manage dental anxiety. Outside of dentistry, she is an avid painter and book-reader, cheese-(and food-)appreciator, and a fan of dogs of all kinds. One of her sketchbooks has been published in Brooklyn, NY and as part of a compilation book, the Sketchbook Project World Tour. She enjoys chatting to people from all walks of life, and will make every effort to welcome you into the surgery - new and returning patients alike.

Dr. Anna Nguyen

Anna was the Dux of of her high school in Year 12, and five years later graduated with Masters of Dentistry from La Trobe University. Anna departed from Melbourne to live in rural Victoria for her university training, and has since returned to the metropolitan suburbs.

Outside of dentistry, Anna has had contracts with multiple modelling agencies, having had participated in runway and photoshoots for clients such as Redken-L’Oreal, Leica and Lincraft. In 2016, she was featured in a nation-wide campaign for Priceline, having photographs published in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Women’s Weekly Magazine. Most recently, she competed in the preliminaries of Miss World Australia 2017 for the Victorian division.

Anna loves to express her creative side through work requiring manual dexterity, including playing musical instruments, the art of makeup, and dentistry. She believes the key to achieving a good result is to just simply look carefully and pay attention to the minor details, which she implements daily to the best of her abilities into her dental work. She loves interacting with patients from all walks of life, and finds helping them to achieve optimal oral health very satisfying.